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First Impressions Program Overview

First Impressions extends the GSA’s commitment to Design Excellence into the public spaces of existing federal buildings.  In refreshing lobbies and redesigning plazas, First Impressions creates lively spaces that welcome visitors while maintaining safe, quality workplaces for federal employees.  Doing so ensures the long-term value of GSA assets and the satisfaction of GSA customer agencies.  First Impressions is not just good design, it is good business.
First Impressions provides; programmatic strategies for making a better "First Impression" through five simple actions (Reduce Clutter, Consolidate Functions, Unify Signage, Streamline Security, Transform the Image); guidance documents concerning such topics as security, public space management, and signage; model projects illustrating the range of improvements that can take place; and access to architecture and landscape architecture firms with demonstrated excellence and award winning success designing lobby and plaza renovation projects.

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Mary Shearill-Thompson
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Office of Design and Construction
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