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Appendix A. Requirements Checklist When Using Social Media

This is a quick reference to help make sure you’re doing everything right when using social media tools in your official capacity as a GSA employee. 

Have I...? (Yes/No) Action
  read and understood GSA’s IT Rules of behavior?
  minimized my risks by reviewing Appendix E on IT security?
  let the Office of Communications and Marketing know about my social media presence by contacting them at
  made sure that my social media is accessible to people with disabilities by following Section 508 accessibility rules?
  planned for records management?
  paid attention to copyrights and other intellectual property?
  complied with all privacy protections requirements?
  avoided political activity and adhered to lobbying rules?
  made sure that my data is in a usable industry standard format?
  found out whether the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) applies?
  checked into whether I need to get OMB approval for surveys?
  made sure that my communications reflect the agency’s position rather than just one person’s opinion?
  had someone review my content to make sure that it as written in plain language and that I am being objective and trustworthy?
  ensured meaningful access to people with limited English proficiency if applicable?
  followed a plan for monitoring my social media content regularly?

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