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For TSPs

GSA’s PayPort Express, provided by CITI using the Syncada network, is an easy to use Web-based platform that automates and integrates the entire audit, approval and payment cycle for freight-related expenses.


  • Ease of processing and quicker payment of invoices;
  • Decreased Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) from 45 days to 5;
  • Improved cash flow and liquidity;
  • Decreased costs through elimination of manual and paper-based invoicing;
  • Increased visibility into transaction status;
  • Real-time exception management between shipper/carrier, allowing for collaborative and effective resolution of invoice payment; and
  • Robust supply chain intelligence supporting audit and cost reduction programs.

To participate in PayPort Express, you must enter into a contract, as mandated in your GSA Civilian Agency Contract. To learn more, visit our FAQ and Getting Started web pages.


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Transportation Programs

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