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Performance Improvement Council (PIC)

The PIC, composed of the Performance Improvement Officers (PIOs) of Federal agencies and departments, as well as senior OMB officials, collaborates to improve the performance of Federal programs.  The PIC facilitates information exchange among agencies, including: methods to assess problems and opportunities; plan and set priorities; identify, adopt, and promote proven practices; adjust actions quickly based on ongoing assessments of experience; monitor and reduce risks; and report candidly and concisely to key stakeholders to accelerate agency and program performance improvements.


High Priority Goals: The PIC facilitates review of agency High Priority goals, validation of best practices, identification of  performance  improvement strategies and selection of potential targets for OMB intervention.

Cross-Cutting Performance Support: The PIC provides support to Federal Government PIOs and other program officials to facilitate coordination on cross-cutting performance areas, to include work in support of Federal Priority Goals.

Information Technology: This initiative is focused on providing basic levels of technology infrastructure to collaborate, share best practices and monitor progress of performance activities. This includes enhancing as a management tool to support agency PIOs in meeting statutory requirements, such as conducting quarterly (or more frequent) reviews on agency Priority Goals, and ensuring agency progress is made available on a central, public website. In addition, PIC is supporting agency efforts to make strategic plans, performance plans and updates available on the single website.

Performance Improvement Council (PIC)