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Domestic Delivery Service (DDS)

The Domestic Delivery Services (DDS) solution provides significant discounts to the already low prices available on GSA's Schedule 48 for express and ground delivery services. 

Specifically, the DDS2 solution enables agencies to:

  • Realize significant savings up to thirty-four (34) percent savings compared to Multiple Award Schedule rates, and up to seven (7) percent savings compared to rates from the first generation DDS2 program);
  • Avoid fuel surcharges on parcel shipments;
  • Streamline their acquisition process and reduce redundant contracts across the government;
  • Receive robust savings reports which can be used to demonstrate progress towards meeting OMB's savings targets;
  • Maintain best-in-class delivery service levels;
  • Minimize administrative overhead through use of a dedicated customer service team;
  • Manage inbound, outbound, and intra-agency shipments more efficiently, and
  • Implement commercial best practices for additional cost reductions.

To join the program, follow the instructions on the Sign-up letter [Word, 37.5KB] and account information. Please send a copy to

For more information on the FSSI DDS-2 program, please see the following:

Name Format Size
DDS-2 Flyer PDF 313KB
Fact sheet PDF 58.2KB
Blanket Purchase Agreement PDF 604KB
Ordering and Funding Procedures PDF 7.68KB
New Account Locations Excel 178KB
Press Release PDF 13.7KB
Kickoff Meeting Presented by GSA PDF 490KB
Kickoff Meeting presented by UPS PDF 1.28MB
Increasing competition and structuring contracts PDF 103KB
UPS Strategic Account Directors Assigned to Agencies PDF 22.1KB
Eligible Users PDF 148KB

To learn more about Worldwide Express and to sign up, please visit Worldwide Express (International Delivery Service)

To take UPS tutorials and/or obtain shipping information, please visit UPS Tutorials and Shipping Information (a nongovernment website).

To learn about Transmission of Classified Information, please visit Guidance for Transmission Methods of Classified Information.

If you have any questions or would like to request information on DDS2 rates, please contact Stevie Graham at (703) 605-5569 or

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Stevie Louis Graham
(703) 605-5569

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