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Industry Government Council (IGC)

GSA's Center for Acquisition Support and Management Services Center have always valued and listened to the voice of the customer and commercial partner. In order to continue and build upon this relationship, the Industry Government Council (IGC) was established. Its mission is to stimulate, advise and make recommendations to improve the procurement of services through GSA Schedules between private industry and the federal government, with guidance from the Center for Acquisition Support and the Management Services Center.

The council is comprised of a diverse group of members that represent various industries, federal agencies and GSA offices, with over half of the 25 member council selected from industry. In addition to the 25 council members, ad hoc committees are established that address issues that are pertinent to obtaining the goals of the council. Committee members need not be current members of the council.

Those interested in serving on the council or one of its committees should submit an application.

Please contact Jeffrey Manthos on (703) 605-2838 for further information.




Jeffrey Manthos
(703) 605-2838

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