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Financial Management

If GSA were a public company, our $17.7 billion in revenues would place us at 141 on the Fortune 500, ahead of Google and Nike, among others. The majority of GSA’s budgetary resources come from reimbursements from other federal agencies for goods and services we provide. Only $508 million, or 1.9 percent of total budgetary resources, came directly from Congress.

GSA’s FY 2008 Annual Performance and Accountability Report details our accomplishments and challenges in program and financial management for that year.

The PAR explains the actions GSA has taken to exercise effective stewardship over customer funds and provides quantitative evidence of the value that GSA provides to our federal customer agencies, and by extension, to the U.S. taxpayer.

GSA’s PAR demonstrates the value we provide by measuring the timeliness, quality, and efficiency of our services and reporting our program performance alongside our financial results. The full report is available at

Our PAR gives our customers the confidence they need to conduct business with us and trust that we will acquire goods and services on their behalf with the same care, compliance, and stewardship that they apply to managing their own funds.

Top 5 Programs By Budget
 In Millions Real Property Leasing Assisted Acquisition Services  Travel, Motor Vehicles & Card Services  Asset Management of Owned Real Property  Integrated Technology Services 
 FY 08  $4,776.5  $3,650.8 $2,785.9  $2,745.3  $1,270 
 FY 09*  $5,244.3 $3,746.2  $2,634.4  $2,689.4   $1,332



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