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Customer Information

These are questions frequently asked from the Public. 

  • How does one identify which card belongs to which vehicle?

GSA Fleet has the vehicle tag numbers embossed on the fleet cards. The “card to vehicle” concept applies to GSA fleet vehicles only, and may not be true for an agency-owned or commercially leased vehicle. 

  • How is a customer PIN number assigned?

A customers’ PIN number will not be provided over Internet. Please contact a local Fleet Management Center for more information.

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  • What if a GSA Fleet vehicle breaks down and a tow is needed?

Call the Maintenance Control Center phone number on the back of the card or call your local Fleet Management Center. In many parts of the country, GSA Fleet has contracts or agreements with local towing companies which help save money and keep your rates low. After business hours (6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (CST), a toll-free number will be provided for a towing company which accepts the WEX Fleet card. DO NOT call for road-side assistance without first calling the Maintenance Control Center.

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  • Is it possible to use a vendor that does not accept the WEX Fleet card?

Yes. The GSA Fleet card has a MasterCard backup. For maintenance or fuel purchases simply turn card over and call the merchant contact number on the back. The merchant will be provided a MasterCard number over the phone upon approval.

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  • Who is the contact if problems occur fueling using my card?

Call 1(866) 939-4472, the number on the back of the card.

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  • How can a customer obtain maintenance using my GSA Fleet WEX card?

For maintenance under $100 – Merchants can either electronically accept the WEX Fleet card or call in the transactions to 1(866) 939-4472 to receive a MasterCard number. For maintenance over $100 or any accident damage – Merchants should phone GSA Fleet PRIOR to doing the work 1(866) 400-0411, and receive a MasterCard number when the work is completed. If a vehicle requires after-hours emergency repairs when the MCC is closed, Citibank/WEX can authorize the use of a card for purchases up to $500. Emergency repairs are vehicle breakdowns, accidents, tire blow out, towing, etc.

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  • Where is the WEX card accepted?

The GSA Fleet WEX card is accepted at over 145,000 fueling and maintenance sites in all 50 states and U.S. territories. There is a listing of merchants that accept the card in the Fleet Service Card User Guide, or visit the Wright Express Website.

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  • What types of purchases are authorized?

In accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR 13.1301), the governmentwide commercial Fleet Services Card is authorized for the purchase of fuel, maintenance and repair of Government owned/operated motor vehicles.

Fleet Services Cards are issued to specific vehicles and should only be used for the vehicle to which it is issued.

An agency who leases a vehicle through GSA is the government’s agent for each purchase made with the Fleet Services Card and responsible for each transaction. The agency is also responsible for ensuring the compliance with all applicable GSA Fleet and agency regulations and procedures.

  • Authorized Transactions
  • The purchase of regular unleaded self-service gasoline from service stations offering the lowest price, except when:
    • The vehicle requires diesel fuel.
    • The vehicle requires an alternative fuel. For the location of the most convenient alternative fuel refueling site, refer to the Alternative Fuel Directory or the servicing GSA Fleet Management Center.
    • The use of premium grade fuel is approved by the servicing GSA Fleet Management Center.
    • The operator has a physical limitation preventing him or her from pumping fuel and/or severe weather conditions exist.
    • The fuel vendor accepts purchase cards at full-service pumps, or the service station only has full-service pumps; e.g., New Jersey and Oregon.
  • The purchase of maintenance under $100, without prior approval, including the purchase of oil, fluids, and other necessary maintenance and repair as required by GSA Fleet.
  • For maintenance over $100, the purchase of tires and batteries and body work having obtained prior approval from GSA Fleet at 1(866) 400-0411.
  • The purchase of any items for personal use is prohibited. Drivers can be prosecuted and held personally liable for inappropriate charges to the card.

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  • What are the driver responsibilities for safeguarding the card?
  1. Keep the card in a secure place. It is not permissible to store the card in the vehicle.
  2. Keep cards out of heat and away from magnets and cell phones.
  3. Do not keep Driver ID/PIN numbers with the cards.
  4. Enter correct odometer reading at the pump.
  5. Report any suspicious activity to GSA Fleet.

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  • How is the dollar limit increased on a GSA Fleet card?

Dollar limits on the new cards will be set based on the tank capacity of the vehicle. Pumps have merchant-set dollar limits built into the software that card providers can not override. As fuel prices rise, fleet card providers work with merchants to determine the pump shutoff limits that make the most economical sense, and the merchant determines the final limit. 

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