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Posted September 30, 2003

Welcome to the redesigned GSA website. This has been a yearlong effort to improve its functionality, look, and content.

Some new features:

  • Six Tabs with pull-down menus near the top of each page capture GSA’s major topical offerings.
  • “QuickLinks” in the red bar at the very top of each page provide an alphabetical listing of shortcuts to approximately 170 topics visitors look for most often.
  • “Key Topics” listed at the bottom of most Tab pages provide another route to frequently requested material.  These topics will change periodically to reflect web traffic preferences.
  • The “Find a GSA Organization” drop-down menu in the upper right will take you, in one click, to a specific GSA Service, Staff Office, or Region. Navigation on the left quickly links to items about the topic you’re viewing. The lists change as you move through the site so you can always access the most relevant information.
  • On the right, you’ll find information related to the main topic. You may find “e-Tools”, “Using GSA,” Other GSA Topics,” “External Links,” and “Events.”
  • Contact information for both individuals and program groups also appears on the right, guiding you quickly to the most knowledgeable office or person for your topic of interest. A separate “Contacts” section, clickable from the red bar at the top of every page, takes you to a database of GSA associates, organizations, and topics.
  • Libraries now provide a convenient repository for documents, such as policies and regulations, that relate to a particular topic.
  • Look for two new homepage features: “MarketSpace” highlights items that may be of special interest to GSA customers and business partners. The “Innovations” link will appear when GSA has new or groundbreaking programs to announce.
  • The “Help” button at the bottom of each page has additional tips to help you take full advantage of the site’s updated functions.


  • has been completely rebuilt; URL's to pages on the previous site no longer exist. Therefore, you will need to create new bookmarks for your favorite topics. If you registered for MyGSA on the previous version of, please register again to record your site visit preferences.
  • Please take this opportunity to explore the new As with any evolving website, you may find some glitches. Please be patient as we work to resolve them. And let us know what you think of the new site so we can refine and improve it to meet your needs. Click here to contact us.