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Office Solutions: Supplies & Services - Schedule 75

Although MAS 75 is currently closed to new offers, vendors had the opportunity to submit an offer for the next generation of the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative for Office Supplies (FSSI OS3) acquisition vehicle in the Fall/Winter 2013.  For more information and updates please visit the FSSI OS3 Community page on

Office Furniture

Purchasing the everyday items to smoothly run an office is made an easy task with Schedule 75. From filling the workspaces, to providing the essentials for the copy room and the restrooms, this Schedule is your one-stop resource for the day-to-day basics and more — all ordered directly from your desktop!

Going beyond the basic and staple office supplies, this Schedule is the ideal resource for select office furnishings, special office products and related services to meet your agency goals for greater productivity and better use of mission related funds.

Several hundred pre-qualified vendors stand ready to serve you with thousands of products, supplies and related services on GSA's Office Solutions Schedule. You can count on them to help your office work faster, easier and smarter by bringing the exact tools, supplies, and working atmosphere directly to your workers to establish peak performance.

All contractors are mandated to increase their green offerings to agencies. As a result, the environmental page on GSA Advantage offers numerous green solutions for office supplies, such as multiple vendors with 100% recycled paper products.

In addition, GSA has recently negotiated 15 second generation Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) for office supplies at prices below the GSA Advantage contract pricing. These second generation BPAs provide additional discounts to the already negotiated prices available on GSA's Schedule 75 for office supplies. These BPAs also provide the federal government with a fast and effective way to order while ensuring prompt, cost-effective delivery and customer service.

Schedule 75

SIN Number SIN Name
75 200 Office Products
75 210 Office Services
75 85 Restroom Products
75 99 New Products/Technology

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (PDF, 88.6KB) for answers to common questions on Schedule 75 - Office Solutions: Supplies and Services.

Special Considerations:

Vendors must provide arrangements for empty toner cartridges from customers to be returned . This may include prepaid shipping labels in products packaging and/or rebates.

If you have any questions, please call the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at (800) 488-3111 or direct your email inquiries to the Multiple Award Schedule Helpdesk at

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