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Customer Service

Is your agency in need of assistance with its space requirements, processes, service needs, or supply solutions? If you're a federal agency representative in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin, contact your agency's account manager shown below.



Telephone and Email

CFPB, CNS (ACTION), Commerce (including Census), DOL, Education, FCC, FLRA, MSPB, NARA, NLRB, OPM, Peace Corps, SBA, USPS, VA Neil Omansky (312) 353-3919
IRS, Treasury Malinda Pennington 312-353-1049
SSA, FBI Kim Gill 312-353-2262
DOD/DHS, U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission Kimberly Boeschen Ribich 312-353-0675
Dept. of Justice - ATF, BOP, DEA, EOIR, OIG, U.S. Trustees, Anti-Trust, CRS, U.S. Attorneys, USMS Renee Causby 312-353-1075
U.S. Courts Robert Higgins 312-886-3981
Energy, EPA, Interior, USDA Lillian Ferrer 312-353-9631
Civil Rights, Congress, Dept. of State, DOT, EEOC, FMCS, FTC, GAO, GPO, GSA, HHS, HUD, NRC, RRB, U.S. Tax Court Sheryl Wittstock (312) 353-2981

R5 Public Buildings Service
(312) 353-5572

R5 Federal Acquisition Service
(312) 886-8800

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