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Office Supplies Center

The Supply Operation Section is committed to supporting a large customer base comprised of both military and federal civilian agencies. This Section ensures customer agencies receive quality office supplies and paper from GSA’s vendor partners.

The Supply Operations Team is the point of contact for the processing of all customer requisitions. This includes providing follow-ups and status of any purchase order as required, and providing shipping instructions to  vendors for overseas shipments. Within the Supply Operations there are  three sub-sections:  

  • Requisition Processing;
  • Customer Service; and
  • Transportation.

Requisition Processing is responsible for a number of tasks ranging from the processing of customer requisitions, to the verification of requisition data such as stock number, part number and other technical data. It also responsible for expediting all high requisitions for customer deployed overseas.

Customer Service is responsible for monitoring, reviewing and responding to all incoming inquiries from customers and vendors. It also provides follow ups and status of any purchase order as required.

Transportation is responsible for processing air clearance and seavan requests, and providing shipping instructions and shipping label to the vendors for overseas shipments.

In addition,  the Commodity Support Branch is responsible for providing specifications for products, evaluating methods of supply, reviewing environmental issues, and ensuring that  GSA Global Supply™ accurately portrays the products being offered.


Roger Nioko
(212) 264-3797

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