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Spatial Program Validation

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The BIM Guide Series is intended for GSA employees and consultants engaging in BIM practices for the design of new construction and major modernization projects for GSA. GSA BIM Guide 02 - Spatial Validation supports the use of BIM to efficiently and accurately assess design performance in regard to spatial requirements for GSA. This Guide is intended for incorporation by reference in PBS A/E contracts for design of new construction and major modernization projects. As such, these A/E design teams, the PBS Project Managers, and Contracting Officers administering the contracts are its primary audience. This Guide will also be of general interest to other members of GSA project teams, including PBS staff, customer agencies, and contracted parties such as construction managers, construction and design-build contractors, and consultants. In addition, construction industry software solution providers will find this Guide useful, in particular those who offer BIM-authoring applications.

As summarized in BIM Guide 02, all major projects that receive design funding in FY2014 and beyond are required to utilize BIM-based design for all phases of design and to use the BIM as the source for spatial program reviews and spatial data management submissions.  GSA design teams use BIM to validate spatial program requirements (e.g., area, efficiency ratios) more accurately and quickly than traditional 2D approaches.  GSA utilizes commercially available tools to automatically check open-standard IFC BIMs for compliance with spatial program requirements.  A/Es and other design professionals can discuss the available options with GSA BIM champions.

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