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NNSA National Security Campus

The new National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) National Security Campus in Kansas City, Mo., seeks to protect some of the nation’s premier security assets. The facility's nearly 2,500 workers manufacture non-nuclear mechanical, electronic and engineered materials for national defense systems.

A flexible and modern facility is a major component in the NNSA's Kansas City Responsive Infrastructure, Manufacturing, and Sourcing (KCRIMS) [PDF 2.58 MB] transformation plan. Construction followed GSA-supported sustainable design principles, reducing both environmental waste and maintenance and energy costs. Combined with other aspects of the transformation, NNSA estimates a savings of nearly $100 million each year. The Campus opened Nov. 16, 2012. It is expected to be fully occupied in 2014. For additional information, please visit the construction website (nongovernment site).

Project Location

The new facility is located at the northwest corner of Missouri Highway 150 and Botts Road in Kansas City, Mo., seven miles south of the current facility.

Project Scope

Designed to be a LEED® Gold-Rated Green campus, it includes nearly 1.5 million square feet of manufacturing spaces, laboratories, office space, and warehouses.


Through a competitive bidding process, GSA selected the development company CenterPoint Zimmer, LLC to design, construct, manage, and own the campus.

CenterPoint Zimmer is an entity formed between CenterPoint Properties of Oakbrook, Ill., and Zimmer Real Estate Services of Kansas City, Mo.

CenterPoint Zimmer's design and construction teams include:

Project History

GSA's first solicitation (7MO2054) for a developer was announced in October 2007. However, the unforeseen economic turmoil of 2008 prevented bidders from meeting the solicitation’s original requirements. In an effort to continue the project, the City of Kansas City offered assistance through their Planned Industrial Expansion Authority. This new arrangement, along with updated program requirements and expanded advertising, led to a second solicitation (7M02054-2) in July 2008. CenterPoint Zimmer was announced as the selected developer in April 2009.

Environmental Assessment

In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, GSA and NNSA prepared an Environmental Assessment of the proposed new facility and, in April 2008, issued a Finding of No Significant Impact. Copies of the Environmental Assessment, Finding of No Significant Impact, and Mitigation Action Plan are available in GSA's NEPA Library.

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