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Comprehensive Human Resources Integrated System (CHRIS) Business Objects User Access Request Forms

CHRIS Business Objects User Access request forms below are specific to CHRIS Business Objects Universes.  There is a GSA employee form, which should be used by all GSA employees requesting CHRIS Business Objects access, and a Client Agency employee form, which should be used by GSA's client agencies (OPM, NARA, NCUA, ALD, RRB, ExIm, and USIP) employees requesting CHRIS Business Objects access.

All request forms should follow the designated routing path: 1) First line supervisor; 2) CHRIS Manager; 3) Security Manager/Officer; and 4) Program Owner.  All approvals are required before access to a CHRIS Business Objects Universe will be granted.


  1. If you require access to multiple CHRIS Business Objects Universes, then a new form must be completed for each Universe being requested.
  2. A National Agency Check and Inquiry (NACI) is the minimum security level acceptable to request access to any CHRIS Business Objects Universe.
  3. A justification is required that outlines a compelling business need.  The Program Owner will make a final access determination based on the justification.


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