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Success Stories


The GSA Mid-Atlantic Region, Personal Property Management Sales Division recently sold several large items for two divisions of the Department of the Navy, generating total proceeds of over $1.05 million dollars.  These items included a crane and shovel for Naval Facilities Engineering Command, which sold for $420,050, with just over $394,000 returned to the owning agency for use toward the purchase of new items.  

Also sold were the EX-T-AGS-51 Surveying Ship for Naval Sea Systems Command for $508,000, generating $477,614 in revenue for the owning agency, and a group of 6 Mine Hunters Coastal (MHC) vessels, which were being sold for dismantlement purposes for $120,000, returning $107,000 to the owning agency. The sale of the MHCs will save the government the cost of having to hire a dismantlement company and dispose of the hazardous items.  The GSA revenue generated from these three items is almost $69,000.


Sales Contracting Officer, Giselle Romero, recently sold a total of 18 Allison/Rolls Royce helicopter engines for the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), Office of Air and Marine, in El Paso, TX.  At one time, CBP had a large fleet of helicopters that used these engines. However, they are now down to seven.  CBP is keeping a few spare engines to support those seven aircraft, so the ones sold were excess to their needs. Except for four engines, all others met their reserve price, but those four engines were still awarded to the highest bidder.  Selling prices ranged between $31,000 and $84,000. Total proceeds from this sale totaled $1,073,280. 


Given the budget challenges of today, GSA has seen fewer high dollar items reported for sales disposal. Recently, however, our Pacific Rim Personal Property Sales Office received a report of a very valuable Electrical Discharge Machine from UNICOR, the Federal Prison Industries, Inc.UNICOR is an agency that runs its own full service recycling program. We regularly direct federal agencies to forward electronics in scrap or salvage condition to UNICOR.  

This time UNICOR came to us, recognizing GSA’s expertise in the disposal arena, and asking that we help them maximize the potential revenue from the sale of the reported Discharge Machine. Through the diligent marketing efforts and professional customer service from our World-Class Sales Contracting Officer, Janice Dang, we can proudly report that we delivered what UNICOR asked of us, making an award in GSA Auctions to the high bidder for $186,010! 

UNICOR was extremely pleased with the services we provided, and we were equally proud to have assisted them with their disposal needs.


The Pacific Rim Sales Office has had a number of successful sales for both new and existing customers at a time when the expectation for high dollar proceeds is very low. The office first thrilled its newest customer, the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, by selling a 1997 Hydraulic Grove Crane on GSA Auctions for a whopping $505,100.  Then, it sold four spools of Power Industrial Cable for the Department of Homeland Security for $132,000!  This office consistently proves that GSA offers unparalleled disposal services using a World-Class workforce.





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