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Success Stories


Region 9's Personal Property’s Sales Branch delivered back-to-back solid sales results by delivering $4.9 million in August, more than doubling the $2.4 million from the same period last month. Fiscal year-to-date, regional sales stand at $71.49 million, averaging out to $6.4 million a month. 

In August, 421 pieces of property were sold, of which 274 items, over 65%, were reported as surplus property. The highest priced assets were all tied to various modes of transportation: 8 helicopters, 81 vehicles (48 of which were sold at contractor auctions), and 3 patrol and rescue boats. In total the team has reached their annual target of 5,500 items by having sold 5,736 items.

There are many uncontrollable factors that can lengthen the selling time, including reselling property a second time around, agency requests to delay a sale, buyers requesting payment extensions, and mandatory approvals with the Department of Defense before awarding a contract. However, the Sales team stayed focused and steadily improved its cumulative cycle time from 27.5 days in March, to a current 22.7 days. 








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