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253370SantosGST0009AJM091(QT) [PDF - 112.02 KB]


GSA Inventory of Owned and Leased Properties


OPO Ground Lease (2013):

(Users of Assistive Technology such as Screen Readers who have difficulty accessing the information in this OPO Ground Leasing document should contact Kevin Terry, at (202) 708-4600, or at


Segment One
Part One of Segment_001_of_OPO_Ground_Lease_(2013)_RA [3.27MB]
Part Two of Segment_001_of_OPO_Ground_Lease_(2013)_RA [13.55MB]
Part Three of Segment_001_of_OPO_Ground_Lease_(2013)_RA [8.84MB]


Segment Two
Part One of Segment_002_of_OPO_Ground_Lease_(2013)_RA [12.70MB]
Part Two of Segment_002_of_OPO_Ground_Lease_(2013)_RA [9.75MB]



2010_Exhibitor_Registration_List_FINAL.xlsx [285.89 KB]

2011_EXPO_Exhibitor_List_Final.xlsx [53.44 KB] 

2011ExpoAttendeeList_Apr_2014.xlsx [282.21 KB] 

2012_EXPO_Exhibitor_List_Final_Apr_2014.xlsx [141.69 KB]

2012ExpoAttendeeList_Apr_2014.xlsx [368.07 KB] 


Governing Law, Final Opinions and Orders

Agency Policy Statements

Acquisition and Administrative Staff Manuals

Terms of Service Agreement for New Media

GSA Certification [PDF, 20.3k] [Word, 32.5k]

GSA Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requester Service Center

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