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Fuel Surcharge

Due to the continued volatility in fuel costs, the City Pair Program is allowing airlines to assess a fuel surcharge to domestic or international contract fares under the following conditions:

  • The fuel surcharge may only be assessed on fares corresponding to the contract fares after the surcharge has been in place commercially for a minimum of 14 consecutive days.
  • The fuel surcharge may not be higher than that imposed commercially.
  • The fuel surcharge will be assessed at the time of ticket issuance.
  • The fuel surcharge will be removed from the contract fares when it is no longer imposed commercially on the applicable fares in a market.

Surcharges currently meeting the conditions listed above are noted in the document(s) below.

Name Format Size Publish Date
United Airlines International Markets Excel 41k 02/13/2014
United Airlines Domestic Markets Excel 99k 04/18/2014
US Airways Domestic Markets Excel 34k 03/24/2014


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