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CPES Authorities and Certifications

Energy use is changing, and the federal government is taking the lead. The Comprehensive Professional Energy Services (CPES) BPA will help agencies keep abreast of the changes. This BPA was designed to assist agencies in fulfilling the environmental requirements brought by recent legislation and federal directives, including the Recovery Act. It will also enable agencies to earn important environmental certifications.

With those goals in mind, the following federal agencies are promoting the CPES BPA:

Environmental Certifications

The CPES BPA assists agencies in compliance with the following certifications and regulations (please note that some of the web links on this page go to non-government websites):

Governmental Authority

The CPES BPA has been crafted in response to governmental action on the environment, most recently the Recovery Act and Executive Order 13514.

Recovery Act

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provides funding for energy and water efficiency projects at 32 government agencies and departments. The act appropriated more than $5.5 billion to GSA to spend on converting federal buildings into high-performance green buildings, as well as building new energy-efficient federal buildings, courthouses, and land ports of entry. These projects will deliver lasting progress toward modernizing the nation's infrastructure, reducing the government's consumption of energy and water, and increasing the use of clean and renewable sources of energy.

Executive Order 13514

Entitled “Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance,” Executive Order 13514 was signed in October 2009. The order requires agencies to increase energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect water resources, and prevent pollution. Sustainability must inform agency decisions on both the purchasing of products and services and the construction of buildings.  

Further Government Actions

The following links provide background on further policy and legislation relevant to the CPES BPA:

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