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CPES BPA Holders

The companies listed in the table below have been selected as the first round Comprehensive Professional Energy Services (CPES) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) Holders. GSA will periodically review the total number of vendors to determine whether it would be in the government’s best interest to initiate a re-compete to add new contractors or remove existing contractors. This process will continually create new small business opportunities and a performance-driven culture.

To find out more about the pricing structure for individual BPA holders, visit the Strategic Sourcing Aisle on GSA Advantage!®

 BPA Number BPA Holder Name Business Size POC Name Contact Information Regions Supported
GS-23F-PE001 Ameresco Federal Solutions Other than Small Business Joe Price
(865) 558-9459
GS-23F-PE002 Boreal Energy Services Team (Best) Small Business Tom Michelman
(978) 580-6190
LPB Energy Management Small Business
Farnsworth Group,Inc. Other than Small Business
GS-23F-PE003 Constellation Energy Projects and Services Group, Inc. Other than Small Business Eva Chiesa
(978) 848-6031


GS-23F-PE004 DEI Consulting (DEI Engineering) Small Business Amir Malek
(703) 205-0775
GS-23F-PE005 Ecology and Environment, Inc Team Other than Small Business Jodi Gerald A. Miller Gallagher
(716) 684-8060
Boreal Renewable Energy Development Small Business
Farnsworth Group, Inc Other than Small Business
GS-23F-PE006 Enviro-Management & Research (EMR) Team Small / Disadvantaged / 8a Naresh Khosla
(703) 766-2670
Alliance Environmental LLC Other than Small Business
GS-23F-PE007 Steven Winter Associates Team Other than Small Business Marie A. Starnes
(203) 857-0200
Regions 1, 2, 3, 11
Cecily Kaz
(212) 564-5800 Ext. 113
Alliance Environmental LLC Small Business
GS-23F-PE008 Tetra Tech EM Inc. Other than Small Business Linda Hunter
(619) 321-6724
GS-23F-PE009 Versar, Inc. Other than Small Business Mark Stunder
(301) 428-9898 Ext. 211
Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11
Satish Natarajan
(301) 428-9898 Ext. 215
GS-23F-PE010 AMEC Environment and Infrastructure, Inc. Other than Small Business Cuong Vu
(610) 877-6021
GS-23F-PE011 Engineering Economics, Inc. Other than Small Business Blake Hickok
(303) 239-8700
Jennifer Jackson
(303) 239-8700
GS-23F-PE012 Emcor Energy Services Other than Small Business Paul M. David
(415) 434-2600
Meghan Dewey
(415) 434-2600
GS-23F-PE013 Novi Energy Team Small / Disadvantaged / 8a Anand Gangadharan
(248) 735-6684 Ext. 21
Anitha Gangadharan
(248) 735-6684 Ext. 22
SAIC Other than Small Business
GS-23F-PE014 SCS Engineers (Stearns, Conrad, and Schmidt) Other than Small Business E.T. Conrad
(703) 471-6150
GS-23F-PE015 Sain Engineering Associates Small Business Stephen Sain
(205) 979-9966
GS-23F-PE016 Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure, Inc. Other than Small Business Karen Johnson
(513) 782-4674
GS-23F-PE017 Cardno Tec, Inc. Other than Small Business Donald E. Nelson
(434) 295-4446
Kevin Martin
(434) 295-4446
GS-23F-PE018 Working Buildings, LLC Team Small Business Michael Weiss
(678) 990-8001
Regions 3, 4, 7
Willdan Energy Solutions Other than Small Business
GS-23F-PE019 Geo-Marine, Inc. Team Other than Small Business Hersel Myer
(703) 642-6824
Burns & Roe Service Corporation Other than Small Business
George Butler & Assoc. Other than Small Business
Mgmt Engineering Assoc. Small Business
Abraxas Energy Consultants, LLC Small Business
GS-23F-PE020 Michael Baker Jr., Inc. Team Other than Small Business David Greenwood
(703) 317-6217
      Lou Levner
(571) 357-6112
      Terry McAllister
(918) 279-6381
  Working Buildings Small Business        
GS-23F-PE021 Karges Faulconbridge, Inc. (KFI) Team Other than Small Business David Jansa
(651) 254-6884
Regions 5, 6, 8
  McFarlane, Inc. Small Business Dave McFarlane
(701) 772-9511

If you have any questions, please call the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at (800) 488-3111 or direct your email inquiries to the Multiple Award Schedule Helpdesk at

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