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CPES BPA Ordering Procedures

Comprehensive Professional Energy Services (CPES) Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) have been established in each of GSA's 11 regions, with 21 GSA Schedule 03FAC (Facilities Maintenance and Management) and 00CORP (Consolidated Schedule) contractors. 

Using the following seven simple steps, ordering activities can obtain services through the CPES BPA:

  • Determine the Scope
  • Prepare the Performance-Based Statement of Work
  • Prepare the Request for Quote (RFQ)
  • Issue the RFQ
  • Evaluate
  • Award
  • Administer the Task Order

Please visit the CPES BPA Ordering Guide [PDF, 164KB] for a detailed explanation of the ordering process. In addition, ordering activities can visit the Strategic Sourcing Aisle on GSA Advantage! to find detailed pricing information for individual CPES BPA holders. From that page, ordering activities can access GSA’s eBuy system, which can be used to obtain quotes from BPA holders. Lastly, the Overview Page of the CPES portal includes links to several documents that will help you throughout the acquisition process.


Other Considerations When Placing An Order

Place of Performance:

In general, GSA and other ordering activities will order from BPA Holders based on the place of performance (building location) within the region where the work is required. For a listing of the geographic area that is covered in each GSA Region, please visit the GSA Regions page. For a list of BPA Holders by region, please visit the BPA Holders page.

Ordering Procedures:

Ordering agencies need only comply with FAR Subparts 8.405-2 and 8.405-3 as applicable, applicable agency specific rules and the following:

  • Orders at or below the micro-purchase threshold: Ordering activities can place orders directly with any BPA holder in the region. 
  • Orders above the micro-purchase threshold and up to $150,000: Ordering activities must forward the requirement, or statement of work and evaluation criteria to at least three (3) BPA Holders in the region.
  • Orders above $150,000: Ordering activities must forward the requirement or statement of work and evaluation criteria to more than three (3) BPA Holders.

Request for Quotes (RFQs)

When the eBuy method is chosen to distribute your Request for Quotes (RFQ), ordering agencies can now select which BPA Holders the system will notify about an RFQ being issued.

Alternatively, RFQs may also be distributed via email in accordance with the ordering procedures shown above.

It is the responsibility of the ordering activity to specify the place of performance in the RFQ, and the responsibility of both the ordering activity and BPA holders to ensure, prior to task order award, that services can be performed in the place of performance, as specified in the RFQ.

BPA holders should anticipate rapid quote submission times, usually within one to two days of issuing the RFQ.

Once quotes are received, the ordering activity will evaluate all responses and place the order with the BPA Holder that represents the best value to the government.

Acquiring Ancillary Products and Services

If your order will require support products in addition to services, there are several options available to obtain these ancillary products.

For administrative convenience, BPA orders may include "open market" items (e.g., items that have not already been priced, evaluated, and awarded on the contractor’s GSA Schedule), as long as the value does not exceed the applicable micro-purchase threshold as defined in FAR 2.101. The items must be clearly identified as “open market” items, in accordance with FAR Subpart 8.402(f).

In addition, GSA’s Chief Acquisition Officer signed a deviation to FAR Part 51 which allows federal government contracting officers to authorize BPA holders to buy support products or services, not requiring a statement of work, from other MAS contractors (including contractors not on the BPA) or through the GSA Global Supply Program when deemed appropriate for fulfillment of ordering agency requirements. See FAR Part 51 Deviation Guide for more details.

If you have any questions, please call the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at (800) 488-3111 or direct your email inquiries to the Multiple Award Schedule Helpdesk.


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