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Industry Partnership Day Presentations

The following presentations contain information on our new Financial And Business Solutions (FABS) Schedule offering under SIN 520 22 - Grants Management, as well as useful hints to vendors about how to get on Schedule, how to modify a Schedule contract, and best practices for doing business with the government after contract award. 

Presentations to help vendors and introduce grants management

File Name File Type File Size Publish Date
Grants Management Industry Day Opening Presentations PowerPoint 2.29MB 2/22/2010
How to Prepare a Quality Offer PowerPoint 6.81MB 2/22/2010
How to Prepare a Quality Mod Request PowerPoint 3.43MB 2/22/2010
Industry Partnership Day Briefing PowerPoint 4.29MB 2/22/2010
2011 Marketing the FABS Schedule.ppt PowerPoint 1.41MB 6/24/2011


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