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Ariel Rios Murals Library

Additional information and documents pertaining to the Ariel Rios murals.

Ariel Rios Murals Library

Doc ID Name Format Size Publish Date
  Public Comments Procedures Comment procedures for the Ariel Rios Murals. Word 32k 12/7/2006
  Initial Public Comments Summary Initial Public Comments - December 31, 2005 Word 40k 12/7/2006
  Transcript of Public Forum - October 30, 2006 PDF 128k 12/7/2006
  Ariel Rios Meeting on April 13, 2007 Consulting Parties Meeting PDF 141k 4/13/2007

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Doc ID Name Format Size Publish Date
  Mr. Dorik Mechau Comments made by consulting parties in reference to the Ariel Rios Murals. PDF 11k 2/12/2007
  Mr. Mike Mechau PDF 14k 2/15/2007
  Latham & Walkins LLP and the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law PDF 33k 2/12/2007
  Society of American Indian Government Employees (SAIGE) PDF 107k 2/12/2007
  Mr. Bob Smith PDF 18k  
  Ms. Emily Tuckerman PDF 10k  

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Doc ID Name Format Size Publish Date
100 NCR Regional Administrator Letter to EPA PDF 843k 9/12/2007
  GSA Letter to DC State Historic Preservation Officer PDF 1069k 9/12/2007

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Doc ID Name Format Size Publish Date
  Comment 101                                                   Public comments from individuals and organizations concerning the Ariel Rios Murals. PDF 7k 2/12/2007
  Comment 102 PDF 17k 2/12/2007
  Comment 103 PDF 16k 2/12/2007
  Comment 104 PDF 13k 2/12/2007
  Comment 105 PDF 11k 2/12/2007
  Comment 106 PDF 9k 2/12/2007
  Comment 107 PDF 8k 2/12/2007
  Comment 108 PDF 13k 2/12/2007

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