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Pricing Services

We are always happy to help you understand how we price space and services so you can develop your business decisions.

Our team of pricing specialists offers the following services for tenant agencies:

Advice — We can provide policy advice to you and your real estate specialist, account manager, and buildings managers to help you develop and price your projects.

Clarification — We can sort out facts, and provide more detailed descriptions of pricing policy issues. Specialists can clarify policy and explain how it is applied to your specific projects.

Collaboration — We create conversations with all stakeholders to help with the pricing aspects of real estate acquisition so everyone can move forward with complete information.

Consultation — We can review pricing issue scenarios.

Fact checking —We can validate facts on your space pricing.

Training — We can train tenant agencies’ real estate teams so they can understand and incorporate pricing policy into their projects, as well as understand their rent bills.







Debbie Underwood
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