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2010 - 2011 Federal Mail Best Practice Award Winner

GSA is proud to announce the winner of the Federal Mail Center Excellence Award

The 2010 - 2011 Federal Mail Center Excellence Award was presented at the Mailcom Conference and Exhibition on April 18, 2012, in Washington, DC.

Department of Homeland Security
Assets and Logistics Management Division
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Mail Management Program Mail Team
Glynco, Georgia

Team Members: Stephen W. Brook, Ruth S. B. Simmons, Johanne Belisle-Weber, David K. Latner, Sr., Bill H. Wood, Frank Scoglio, Milagros Diaz, Chanda V. Porter, and William F. Guynn.

The following “Leading Practices” are excerpts from the nomination package received for the Federal Mail Center Excellence nominee.

  1. Implemented performance measures that track Postal Expenditures vs. Budgeted Expenditures.
  2. Implemented Better Business Practices by keeping all of their customers informed and educating them about better ways of doing business. They reduced their shipping expenditures by 25% in FY11.
  3. Promoted efficiencies by reducing package pickup frequency, using first class mail instead of express mail, and reducing fuel costs.
  4. Provided and Improved Excellent Customer Service by training customers in most efficient method of shipping.
  5. Reduced Overall Costs by commingling and sending our interoffice mail via UPS or FedEx ground instead of the USPS which resulted in a 25% reduction of postage expenditures.



Cynthia Patterson
(703) 589-2641

Derrick Miliner
(202) 273-3564

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Federal Mail Best Practice Award Winners