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2010 - 2011 Best Practice Award Nominee

This award nominee has shown outstanding professionalism and has contributed an overwhelming wealth of information for federal mail managers and mail centers to share in improving mail management.

The Department’s Mail Management Team executed a three-phase process to improve the overall official mail management and operation.

1. Increased accountability of postage funds expended.

Over a 2-year period a $300,000 reduction in expenditures was realized through this process.

A task force was established with the Department’s Consular Affairs bureau. This bureau is responsible for all the Passport Agencies throughout the country, and uses over $77M in postage annually.

2. Renovated all mail operations centers in the DC Metro Area.

For the first time in 20+ years, the Department’s six mailrooms in the Harry S. Truman building, and the SA-1 mail centers were completely renovated.

  • Acquired new furniture, to include mail-sorting equipment.
    • Replaced hampers with safer, ergonomically friendly equipment.
    • Replaced “homemade” mail sorting racks.
    • Replaced work tables with office desks and chairs.
  • Installed no-skid rubberized floors, eliminating the need for having the mail center floors stripped and waxed (a safety hazard.) These floors also provided much needed relief against the strain of standing for extended periods of time.
  • Eliminated all cubicles in the mail centers.

3. Developed Mail Accountability System.

There was a need for a mail accountability system to capture and track not only accountable items introduced into the distribution system locally, but also items generated and transported through diplomatic pouches from overseas locations.

We took a 360° look at the entire process from end to end and developed a systematic approach for the development of mail accountability software that would meet these needs, while interacting with existing software used in the diplomatic pouch system. The result was the development of the Mail Management System (MMS). Some of the features of MMS include:

  • End-to-end tracking of accountable items from the time they are introduced in the pouch at an overseas post, to the time they are signed for by the addressee in Washington DC.
  • Drastic reduction on use of paper
  • Capturing signatures on glass (scanner)
  • Capability of e-mailing electronic invoices with customer signatures (proof of delivery)
  • Use of barcode readers (virtually eliminating mis-typed accountable numbers)

Cynthia Patterson
(703) 589-2641

Derrick Miliner
(202) 273-3564

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