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Joint Authorization Board (JAB)

The Joint Authorization Board (JAB) is the primary governance and decision-making body for the FedRAMP program. The JAB reviews and provides joint provisional security authorizations of cloud solutions using a standardized baseline approach. 

JAB membership includes the following:

Teresa Takai 

Teri Takai JAB

Teri Takai is the Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration and the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer (ASD (NII) / DoD CIO). She serves as the principal advisor to the Secretary of Defense for Information Management/Information Technology and Information Assurance and provides strategy, leadership, and guidance to create a unified information management and technology vision for the Department.

Ms. Takai previously served as Chief Information Officer for the State of California. As a member of the Governor's cabinet, she advised the governor on the strategic management and direction of information technology resources as the state worked to modernize and transform the way California does business with its citizens.


Luke McCormack

Luke J. McCormack serves as Chief Information Officer for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). He oversees DHS’ continuing efforts to implement information technology (IT) enhancements and strengthen IT security.

Mr. McCormack has extensive IT and leadership experience, both inside and outside of DHS, as well as in the public and private sectors.

He previously served at the Department of Justice as Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Information Resources Management/Chief Information Officer, where he provided strategic direction, management services, oversight to cross-component information technology efforts and IT infrastructure services.

Prior to the Department of Justice, he served in a variety of positions at DHS. From 2005 to 2012, he served as CIO for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement; and from 1999 to 2005, he served Customs and Border Protection, moving from Director of Systems Engineering, to Director of Architecture and Engineering, to Acting Director of Infrastructure Services Division.

Before joining the federal government, he served at various private sector companies including MCI and Ford Aerospace.

Mr. McCormack holds an MBA from the Smith School, University of Maryland, and holds key certifications from Columbia University and the National Defense University.



Sonny Hashmi

Sonny Hashmi is the Acting Chief Information Officer for GSA. Sonny is responsible for leveraging emerging technologies to improve GSA operations, drive IT modernization, and lead enterprise initiatives.

Sonny possesses extensive IT management experience in the public and private sectors. Prior to joining the U.S. General Services Administration, Sonny was the Deputy CIO for the District of Columbia Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Sonny championed and successfully delivered many initiatives including large system modernization projects, implementation of a District-wide business intelligence platform for agency financial management, and business process automation. Sonny has also worked for several private sector organizations leading large scale projects for federal, state and local government agencies.

Sonny earned a Master's Degree in engineering from Purdue University as well as a Master certificate in Innovation Management from the University of Maryland.



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