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Manhattan gets Open Space

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Open Workspace at Varick Street Office - Image 1
The 201 Varick Street open space redesign saves money
by increasing usable workspace
Open Workspace at Varick Street Office - Image 2
Varick Street open workspace
Open Workspace at Varick Street Office - Image 3
Varick Street open workspace reception
Open Workspace at Varick Street Office - Image 4
Varick Street open workspace filing

More with Less

Our recently renovated Manhattan Field Office in the 201 Varick Street Federal Building is a model of GSA’s space utilization goals. Whereas the former GSA Property Management office had been comprised of two personal offices and seven high walled partitions for nine employees, the new open concept layout combines the Property Administration and Lease Administration offices into one, and has an overall increased capacity for twenty employees.

This more than 50 percent increase in space-utilization will result in a reduction in energy costs and decrease our agency’s overall footprint in the building. GSA hopes such an open-space design will provide a model that can be shared with our agency clients, continuing the ultimate goal of tax-payer savings.

Additionally, the removal of high cubicle walls and private office means that employees enjoy the benefits of natural light and improved collaboration with their colleagues. According to a questionnaire completed by staff shortly after occupying the renovated space, they reported better collaboration between consolidated divisions, improved intra-office relations, less isolation, and even higher productivity.

This downsizing trend is becoming more and more visible, from our very own Regional Commissioner’s suite at 26 Federal Plaza where office walls have come down to expose an open environment, to our Central Office headquarters in Washington D.C. where 80 employees now work in a space that used to only accommodate a little over 40 people. GSA is leading the effort in workspace transformation, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in leasing, maintenance, and energy costs annually.


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