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Office of Citizen Services

The Office of Citizen Services equips federal agencies with the best practices and tools they need to serve the public. OCS also serves the public directly more than one billion times a year with information online, by phone, in print and via mobile device about government programs and services.

The Center for Excellence in Digital Government helps agencies deliver high quality customer service to the public via web, social media, mobile, phone, e-mail, print and newly evolving media by providing governmentwide support and solutions, including:

The Federal Citizen Information Center connects people with the government programs and services they need to make life a little easier. FCIC’s services include:

  • The U.S. government’s official web portal,, and its Spanish counterpart, and their social media sites
  • The official government web portal for children, and its social media sites, with safe and educational information for kids up to 8th grade, their parents and educators
  • 1-800-FED-INFO and the Contact Center, responding to public inquiries about government programs and services by phone, email and online chat
  • Consumer publications in print from Pueblo, Colorado, accessible online from or ordered through the Consumer Information Catalog
  • The federal government’s guides to consumer issues and protection--the Consumer Action Handbook and its Spanish counterpart, Guía del Consumidor

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