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Client Solutions

Ask a RAM

In each issue of Behind the Bricks, Regional Account Managers (RAMs) from our Office of Client Solutions (OCS) will take the opportunity to answer questions that are frequently asked by our customers. If you have a question for our RAMs, please send it to

Question: If my office space is untenable due to a natural disaster or event, does my agency still have to pay rent?

Answer: In accordance with the Natural Disaster Pricing Guidance, a customer agency will not be charged rent for the period that they do not have possession, use or enjoyment of the space. The space must be unusable for at least 15 days in a given month to qualify. Please contact your RAM with questions.

Question: In a case of severe weather and/or natural disaster, how does GSA communicate building closures?

Answer: PBS Region 2 will post the condition of the affected building(s) on our regional hotline for building status.  Our customers may call 866.GSA.REG2  (telephone number - all numbers) for the current status of our buildings.  In a major event, similar to Superstorm Sandy, information may be found on  Regardless of the building status, it is the responsibility of all agencies to further communicate to their employees their individual agency’s leave and/or telework policies in place for the duration of the event.

Meet a RAM

Madeline Coleman joined GSA PBS Customer Service in 2003 after being a warranted Contracting Officer in GSA Federal Acquisition Service, (formerly Federal Supply Service). Now with Office of Client Solutions, Ms. Coleman was part of the first class of the GSA National Mentoring Program in 2007 and completed several rotational assignments as a member of both regional and national program teams. Ms. Coleman's customer accounts include the FBI, CIS, and the DEA.


Client Solutions Madeline Coleman
Madeline Coleman
Regional Account Manager
Client Solutions Adam Schaffer
Adam Schaffer
Regional Account Manager


Adam Schaffer has over 9 years of Federal experience. Prior to joining the GSA PBS Office of Client Solutions in 2008, Mr. Schaffer spent 5 years with the Department of the Interior’s Office of the Secretary in Washington. Currently, Mr. Schaffer serves as the RAM for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Circuits, the Marshals, the Attorney, the Trustees, the State Department, the SEC, and the Postal Service.


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