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Reverse Auctions Platform

What is GSA Reverse Auctions?

Government customers use reverse auctions to save money on acquisitions of non-complex commodities and simple services. 

GSA Reverse Auctions is a government-managed  platform and marketplace for products, services, and solutions through GSA Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) and Blanket Purchase agreements (BPAs).

I'm a government contracting officer. Why should I use GSA Reverse Auction?

Benefits to government buyers include:

  • Maximize cost savings on simple acquisitions;
  • Meet small business goals in a cost effective way;
  • Ensure compliance with competition requirements;
  • Access a broader set of industry partners available through GSA Schedule contracts; and
  • Get real-time pricing.

I'm a business on a GSA Multiple Awards Schedule. Why should I use GSA Reverse Auction

Benefits to businesses who sell to government include:

  • Expand your customer base;
  • Access any RFQ/RFPs within your contract categories;
  • Receive emails on active RFQ opportunities;
  • Keep your identity hidden; and
  • Participate in a government sponsored marketplace driven by competition.


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