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Optimizing Services for Mobile Use

Digital Government Strategy (DGS) Milestone 7.2 requires that each agency mobile-enable two priority customer-facing services. This will provide an increasingly mobile workforce with access to high-quality digital government information and services.

GSA continues to expand its mobile offerings.  While we previously provided a per diem mobile application, GSA now provides and using responsive design to scale to any screen size of the device being used to access the site.  In addition, eBuy, a popular online request for quotation (RFQ) tool has been mobile enabled.  These mobile applications improve public access to government information and services, and make it easier for customer agencies, private industry, and small businesses to conduct business with GSA.

As part of our effort to optimize services for mobile use, the Digital Services Group (DSG) is currently conducting an inventory of existing and planned mobile applications and websites. Following completion of this inventory, GSA will identify gaps, provide recommendations on how to further improve mobile access to GSA services, and leverage best practices for mobile application development.

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