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ePM Minimum Requirements for PBS Capital and Small Projects

The PBS ePM system serves as an enterprise project management platform for GSA staff, contractors, and customer team members.  The core software product (Proliance by Meridian Systems) is a robust project management solution containing dozens of modules to track projects throughout their entire lifecycles.  Although some ePM system modules may not be applicable on every PBS project, there are mandatory fields and/or functions that drive metrics, measures, and standardized reports.  These guidelines for minimum required ePM use is intended to clarify which features are required, recommended, and/or optional for both Capital and Small Projects.

 Required Use by Contractors

The ePM system has been established to provide a secure, centralized document repository for use by the full project delivery team.  It is critical that contractors use ePM as the primary mechanism to collaborate with GSA so that there is a complete electronic record of each project.  Since contractors create and disseminate most project-related documentation, GSA staff must clearly define each contractor's required use of ePM.  To the greatest extent possible, contract deliverables should not be stored as paper files, on network drives, as email attachments, on hard media (flash drives, CDs, etc.); but rather submitted, reviewed, approved, and stored within ePM.

GSA Project Managers should work with their Contracting Officers to ensure that ePM requirements are included in all applicable contractor Scopes of Work (SOWs) and Divison 1 construction specifications.  Where practical, existing design, management & inspection (M&I), and construction contracts should be modified to add ePM usage requirements, if not already included.  Central Office has published draft SOW language, which can be used as a template to address these contract requirements. 

Required Use by GSA Staff

The required use of ePM by GSA staff can be defined in four distinct areas: contractor collaboration (to the extent included in contracts), basic Project Management, cross-business line workflow, and program tracking and reporting.


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