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Computer Donation Expands Opportunities for Students and their Communities

The GSA Mid-Atlantic Region continues to donate computers to schools in need through the Computers for Learning Program (CFL).  CFL allows the government to transfer computers to schools and educational nonprofits which extends the useful life of a computer, helps a needy school, and contributes to a cleaner, greener environment.

The GSA Federal Acquisition Service’s Property Disposal Division manages the government CFL program as part of its responsibility to help federal agencies dispose of excess personal property.

The GSA Mid-Atlantic Region’s most recent computer donation benefitted Philadelphia’s Belmont Charter School.  GSA Regional Administrator Sara Manzano-Díaz visited the school students in May to see them making use of the 30 donated computers.

“It’s good for schools, good for the government and good for the environment,” said Manzano-Díaz.  
Over the past few months, the GSA Mid-Atlantic Region has given away more than 120 laptops to Philadelphia area schools.  Through the CFL program, GSA is able to support White House initiatives such as “Promise Zones” and “Strong Cities, Strong Communities.”  

Belmont Charter School is located in the target area of Philadelphia’s “Promise Zone” which is intended to address the challenges of deep and persistent poverty.  Another recent donation of excess government computers in Chester, PA, supported the “Strong Cities, Strong Communities” initiative which generates innovative ideas, strategies, and perspectives which cities can use to advance economic development planning in the city and region.

You can read more about GSA’s Office of Personal Property Management to learn how:

  • federal agencies dispose of excess owned personal property
  • state and local governments, nonprofit organizations, and public agencies can obtain federal surplus personal property
  • the public can buy surplus personal property that is no longer needed by either federal agencies or by state and local organizations

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