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The GSA Construction Services Manager

The GSA Mid-Atlantic Region Construction Services Manager (CSM) position oversees the portfolio of construction/renovation projects within the GSA Field Office (FO), while fostering relationships with our clients to ensure project successes. The CSM is responsible for developing the annual program of projects within a GSA Field Office and assigning these projects to Construction Representatives to manage through completion.  

There are six CSMs in the GSA Mid-Atlantic Region, one in each of our six Field Offices: Salim Dasoo in Baltimore, David Nicholas in Charleston, Bruce Lazar in Pittsburgh, Chuck Jones in Richmond, Melanie Kunkle in Delaware Valley, and John McGrath in East Philadelphia.  All of our CSMs have their own area of responsibility, but work together as a cohesive group sharing information and best practices.

Recently, our East Philadelphia and Delaware Valley CSMs, along with our small business development office and Regional contracting officers, held industry forums to share information and procurement opportunities with local small business construction companies. Such initiatives by our Construction Services Managers help ensure that GSA continues to expand opportunities for small businesses while accomplishing the important work of GSA and for our clients.

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