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GSA Property Managers Earn BOMI Designations

Six GSA Property Managers in our Mid-Atlantic Region Field Offices recently earned designations from the Building Owners and Managers Institute (BOMI) International, an independent institute for property and facility management education.  

Property Managers at the GSA Charleston Field Office--David France, Jennifer Decker, Glenville Catrow, Harold Butler, and Patricia Hensley--each earned a Real Property Administrator (RPA) designation after completing a course of study.  The eight in-depth classes focus on analyzing and integrating a building in its entirety to maximize net income while minimizing risks, positioning the asset for long term success.  The overall goal is to enhance the value of the asset through proper and strategic decision making and to help GSA better serve our clients.

Before being awarded this RPA designation, each employee was required to demonstrate verifiable experience through criteria that reflect varying industry property manager responsibilities.

East Philadelphia Field Office Property Manager Pamela Pollard recently obtained her Facilities Management Administrator (FMA) designation from BOMI.  This designation also consists of eight in-depth classes taught from the user’s perspective, either as a tenant or an owner of the facility, and are designed for those responsible for the care, comfort, and productivity of tenants by maintaining building systems, furniture systems, and daily maintenance.

Congratulations to these employees for their achievements and commitment to continuously building a stronger GSA.

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