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Potential Sources of Mobile Lifecycle & Expense Management (ML&EM) Solutions

The following ML&EM Solutions have demonstrated an understanding of the government's functional ML&EM requirements (PDF, 758KB). They also have available FIPS 140-2 compliant solutions, and bring a functional understanding of Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) compliance. Refer to the ML&EM User Guide (PDF, 378KB) for more information about potential sources of supply and acquisition vehicles.

In addition to the solutions listed below, other ML&EM partner solutions may also be able to meet agency-specific needs. No solution can be precluded from competition in compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).

Note: the links below go to nongovernment commercial websites.

ML&EM Solutions Partners/Resellers* Acquisition Approaches*
A&T Systems
Adam Nouravarsani
(301) 384-1425

IT Schedule 70, Connections II GWAC, Alliant GWAC**, GSA 8(a) Stars II, SB Set Asides
Highland Technology Services(SDVOSB)
Robert (Bob) Wells
(240) 683-8840

ClearInsight Solutions
IT Schedule 70, SB Set Asides
Turning Point
David Hughes
(301) 795-1620

Netcom Technologies Inc,
& VetsAmerica
IT Schedule 70, Connections II GWAC**, Alliant GWAC**, GSA 8(a) Stars II,  GSA Vets**, SB Set Asides

* This may not be an exhaustive list of partners/resellers.  For a more exhaustive list, please ensure that you contact the solution provider for details.

** Acquisition approaches include those governmentwide procurement vehicles available to the ML&EM solution’s partners

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