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Management Challenges Facing GSA

Each year, GSA’s Office of the Inspector General produces a report on “GSA’s Major Management Challenges.”  Here is a highlight of those management challenges:

GSA Administrator Martha Johnson and others posing for picture at a Recovery project
Exterior of modern building
Two construction workers placing a solar panel into position on a mechanism leading to the roof of a building
GSA employees standing in front of display for GSA Global Supply
  • GSA “Greening” Initiative – Sustainable Environmental Stewardship – GSA has been tasked by legislation to implement sustainable practices within the agency as well as with customer agencies and contractors. In addition, GSA has the lead role in helping to green the federal government by finding ways to increase energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse emissions, reduce waste, and provide environmentally responsible products and technologies. Three challenges for GSA’s sustainability initiatives are: 1) developing a management framework that GSA will use, 2) developing metrics to accurately measure and demonstrate the impact of GSA changes, and 3) collecting data to support goals and evaluate return on investment.

  • Acquisition Programs – The Multiple Award Schedule Program is one of GSA’s largest acquisition programs. GSA is challenged with increased contract workloads caused by the number of new contract offers as a result of unfavorable economic conditions and the requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Impact – While GSA continues to implement the mandates of the Recovery Act, GSA is challenged with planning and contracting for Recovery Act projects within extremely short time frames.

  • Financial Reporting – Controls over budgetary accounts and transactions, financial reporting, and controls over certain note disclosures need improvement.

  • Information Technology – Improved planning, development, and implementation of IT systems and services are needed to ensure quality data and to support business decisions. GSA has developed new strategic IT programs and initiatives that will address duplication in business processes, integration, and inherent risks associated with some of GSA’s legacy systems.

  • Protection of Federal Facilities and Personnel – GSA provides safe and secure work environments for employees and visitors of federal facilities nationwide; however, increased risks from terrorism and other vulnerabilities inherent with building operations will remain a challenge for GSA.

  • Federal Buildings Fund – GSA is faced with possible long-term funding issues. These funds are needed to ensure GSA-owned buildings are properly maintained.



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