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GSA Telepresence Technology and Capabilities

Telepresence rooms

Telepresence rooms contain three 1080p high-definition 65-inch television screens, high-quality spatial audio, and collaboration tools: 

  • A high-definition auxiliary screen that displays laptop content and images from the in-room document camera
  • A document camera that captures video of objects and documents, such as components, blueprints, and photographs

Staff at the Atlanta Regional Office and 1800 F St. Washington, DC connect via telepresence.

GSA Telepresence rooms feature high-definition cameras and large displays, collaboration screen and document camera, microphones, phones, and a lighting shroud to improve visibility.

Digital content can be shared and displayed during the entire meeting by connecting a laptop to the telepresence system using the VGA adapter in your room. Web content, videos, and files from the laptop will display on the auxiliary screen installed in each room.

You cannot project your digital content onto one of the three large screens. 

No food or beverages are allowed in the telepresence room. Food or beverage spills can damage the equipment.

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Telepresence network

All telepresence data is secured via a commercial encryption VPN (Virtual Private Network). When participating in a telepresence session within the GSA closed network (14 rooms), the encryption is FIPS 140-2 compliant.

Once a conference has started, you cannot add another telepresence room to the same meeting. You can, however, add another person or group via an audio conference.

Inform the customer care manager in advance of your scheduled meeting and provide the conference bridge number and access code. The conference bridge must be a toll-free number (800, 866, 888, etc.)The customer care manager will provide training on how to add a conference bridge to the telepresence meeting, and also on other features available in the telepresence room.

Once you are in your telepresence meeting, you cannot ask for more time to extend the meeting. The meeting will end promptly and the screens will go dark.

You must make reservations one at a time, based on the availability of each room, and on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Currently, 14 sites can connect simultaneously for a single meeting. Other equipment such as VTCs can be added. Contact the Telepresence PMO for details at (312) 353-9178.

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