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Recovery Act in the Mid-Atlantic

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 provided a historic opportunity for GSA to reinvest in our public buildings, encourage long-term growth in energy efficient technologies, alternative energy and green solutions, and stimulate job creation.  

On March 31, 2009, GSA submitted a $5.5 billion spending proposal to Congress highlighting the public building projects we will accomplish with ARRA funds.  

The Mid-Atlantic Region received nearly $164 million to complete work on these buildings:

J. Caleb Boggs U.S. Courthouse & Federal Building, Wilmington
The project included renovations to the public access of the main lobby.  The project implemented a new entrance vestibule with energy efficient lighting fixtures inside and under the breezeway and exterior glazing.  Lighting fixtures in the parking garage and stairwells were replaced with energy efficient fixtures. New curtain wall and glazing provide a thermal buffer to surrounding interior spaces, consequently reducing their energy demand requirements. 

Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, Woodlawn
The project included installation of new high efficiency boilers and chillers; replacement of the existing lighting with new high performance lighting; full roof restoration including cool roof coating; installation of roof solar panels; and installation of two solar panel covered walkways.

William J. Green Federal Building & James A. Byrne U.S. Courthouse, Philadelphia
Projects for the Green Federal Building included replacement of HVAC components with high performance equipment, the installation of a sustainable roofing system and lighting upgrades with energy efficient fixtures and occupancy sensors.  Projects for the Byrne U.S. Courthouse included renovations of the public restrooms to include water conservation fixtures, lighting upgrades with energy efficient fixtures and occupancy sensors and the installation of solar panels on the rooftops to generate electricity.

Philadelphia U.S. Custom House, Philadelphia
The project resulted in replacement of the building’s various roof areas; restoration or modified restoration/replacement of the historic windows; restoration of the facade; installation of high efficiency boilers; replacement of the tower lighting to energy efficient fixtures and installation of a lightening protection system.  The project also included an option to replace the existing front doors with revolving doors and installation of a fourth floor green roof.

Veterans Affairs Regional office & Insurance Center, Philadelphia
The project included replacement of the existing roof with a new, highly insulated roof and the installation of solar panels to generate electricity.

Spottswood W. Robinson III & Robert R. Merhige, Jr. U.S. Courthouse, Richmond
The project for the Courthouse included the installation of solar panels on the roof to generate electricity.

Richard H. Poff Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse, Roanoke
The completed project for this building reduced energy consumption through installation of a new high performance HVAC system, replacement of the window curtain wall; renovations of public restrooms to include water conservation fixtures; and lighting upgrades with energy efficient fixtures.  

West Virginia
Robert C. Byrd Federal Building & Courthouse, Charleston, WV
The project included replacement of the existing roofing system; installation of a fixed panel photovoltaic array on the roof; replacement of parking garage lighting with new energy efficient fixtures, as well as lighting modifications throughout the courthouse; and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system upgrades.

Huntington Federal Building, Huntington
The project at the Huntington Federal Building includes the installation of a new high performance HVAC system, the replacement of all windows, new facade, and installation of rooftop solar panels to generate renewable electricity.  The U.S. Corps of Engineers is providing an additional funding to have GSA perform interior renovations, including mandatory security upgrades, more efficient floor layouts, and new systems furniture. Both projects are being performed simultaneously.   

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Martinsburg
The project included installation of a roof solar panel array and construction of solar canopies along the building front; installation of a geothermal system to supply cooling and heating; replacement of exterior lighting with energy efficient fixtures; and renovations to increase the efficiency of the existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

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