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Getting Started for TSPs

Thank you for your interest in GSA's PayPort Express, powered by Citi and the Syncada Network!

You are just a few steps away from accelerating your cash flow and improving your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

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To learn more about the service, the enrollment process and to receive our Setup Package, including pricing details, contact us below: 

Toll-Free: (888) 617-7173

Email Inquiry:

Contact Us Directly:

Sang Lee, Citi                         Vasilios Kontogianis, Citi
Tel. (212) 816-6618                  Tel. (212) 816-7096
eFax. (201) 243-7168               eFax: (866) 443-2352        

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Getting Started

Once you have completed and signed the Setup Package, please fax or email all documents, including bank attachment and pricing schedule, to:

Fax: (866) 451-1051 or email:

The documentation process generally takes five to seven days.





Maria Gutierrez
(415) 522-2846

Transportation Programs

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