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Chapter 300—General

Subchapter A—Introduction

Part 300-1—The Federal Travel Regulation (FTR)

§300-1.1—What is the FTR?
§300-1.20—What is the purpose of the FTR?

Part 300-2—How to Use the FTR

Subpart A—General

§300-2.1—What formats exist in the FTR?

Subpart B—Question & Answer Format

§300-2.20—What is the purpose of the question & answer format?
§300-2.21—How is the rule expressed in the question and answer format?
§300-2.22—Who is subject to the FTR?
§300-2.23—How is the user addressed in the FTR?

Subpart C—Title and Narrative Format

§300-2.70—How is the rule expressed in the title and narrative format?

Part 300-3—Glossary of Terms

§300-3.1—What do the following terms mean?

Subchapter B—Agency Requirements

Part 300-70—Agency Reporting Requirements

Subpart A—Requirement to Report Agency Payments for Employee Travel and Relocation

§300-70.1—What are the requirements for reporting payments for employee travel and relocation?
§300-70.2—What information must we report?
§300-70.3—How long will we have to respond to the travel survey?
§300-70.4—How do we respond to the travel survey if we have major suborganizations?

Subpart B—Requirement to Report Use of Other Than Coach-Class Transportation Accommodations

§300-70.100—Who must report use of other than coach-class transportation accommodations?
§300-70.101—Where can we find what information we are required to report?
§300-70.102—How often must we report the required information?
§300-70.103—Are there any exceptions to the reporting requirement?

Subpart C—[Reserved]

Part 300-80—Relocation Expenses Test Programs

§300-80.1—What is a relocation expenses test program?
§300-80.2—Who may authorize test programs?
§300-80.3—What must be done to apply for test program authority?
§300-80.4—How many test programs may be authorized by GSA throughout the government?
§300-80.5—What factors will GSA consider in approving a request for a relocation expenses test program?
§300-80.6—What limits are there to test programs?
§300-80.7—How long is the duration of test programs?
§300-80.8—What must we do to apply for a test program extension?
§300-80.9—What reports are required for a test program?

Chapter 300 -- General, FTR