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Number Name Revision
SERVICES_O Requests for Optional Forms Services Processed FY2008-11 11/2011
HANDBOOK Standard and Optional Forms Procedural Handbook 07/2009
FORMSINSTO Stocked Forms Available from GSA Global Supply 2011 12/2010
OF7 Property Pass 09/1988
OF8 Position Description 01/1985
OF11 Reference Request - Federal Records Centers 07/1987
OF17 Offer Label 12/1993
OF23 Chargeout Record 02/1962
OF24 Shelf File Charge Out Record (Letter Size) 01/1973
OF41 Routing and Transmittal Slip 03/2007
OF55 US Government Identification 08/2002
OF65C US Government Messenger Envelope - Large 01/1994
OF67 Activity Schedule 01/2012
OF69 Assignment Agreement 02/1989
OF89 Maintenance Record for Security Containers/Vault Doors 09/1998
OF90 Release of Lien on Real Property 01/1990
OF91 Release of Personal Property from Escrow 01/1990
OF108 Daily Vehicle Usage Report 10/1992
OF109 Separation Statement 09/1994
OF132 Property Disposal Authorization and Survey Report 08/1990
OF178 Certificate of Medical Examination 07/2009
OF275 Medical Record Report 02/2002
OF280 Uniform Tender of Rates and/or Charges for Transportation Services 06/2003
OF289 Property Loss or Damage Report - Fire Suppression 09/1981
OF301 Volunteer Application for Natural Resources Agencies 06/2010
OF301A Volunteer Services Agreement for Natural Resources Agencies (for Individuals or Groups) 09/2010
OF306 Declaration for Federal Employment 10/2011
OF307 Contract Award 09/1997
OF308 Solicitation and Offer 09/1997
OF309 Amendment of Solicitation (Negotiated Procurements) 09/1997
OF311 Application for Garnishment 03/1997
OF312 Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) Participation Report 10/2000
OF315 Incident Replacement Requisition 04/2000
OF315A Incident Replacement Requisition - Continuation 04/2000
OF336 Continuation Sheet 04/1986
OF345 Physical Fitness Inquiry for Motor Vehicle Operators 11/1985
OF346 U.S. Government Motor Vehicle Operator's Identification Card 11/1985
OF347 Order for Supplies and Services 02/2012
OF348 Order for Supplies and Services Schedule - Continuation 04/2006
OF363 Memorandum of Call 07/1994
OF380 Reporting and Processing Medical Material Complaints/Quality Improvement Report 05/2002
OF517 Medical Record - Anesthesia 07/1995
OF520 Electrocardiographic Record 08/2001
OF522 Medical Record - Request for Administration of Anesthesia and Performance of Operations and Other Procedures 08/2003
OF523B Medical Record - Authorization for Tissue Donation 12/1994
OF873A Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2011 11/2010
OF873A Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2012 11/2011
OF873A Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2010 11/2009
OF873 Annual Attendance Record - 2014 12/2013
OF873A Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2014 12/2013
OF873 Annual Attendance Record - 2012 11/2011
OF873 Annual Attendance Record - 2011 11/2010
OF873A Annual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) - 2013 12/2012
OF873 Annual Attendance Record - 2013 12/2012
OF873 Annual Attendance Record - 2010 11/2009
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Number Name Revision
OF1017G Journal Voucher 09/1979
OF1121 Bill of Lading Accountability Record 12/1979
OF1169 U.S. Government Transportation Request 02/2013
OF1419 Abstract of Offers - Construction 11/1988
OF1419A Abstract of Offers - Construction - Continuation Sheet 11/1988
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