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GSA Global Supply™ Overview

New Publications
GSA Global Supply offers two new publications. The New Product Showcase highlights more than 225 new items, including office supplies, furniture and tools. You can view the brochure online or request a printed copy. The 2015 Supply Catalog is a flipbook edition, available online only. It features more than 6,000 of our most popular items and indicates which products (Wildland Fire and FSG 80 paints, sealants and adhesives) are now managed by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). During this transition year (see below) GSA is not printing the 2015 Supply Catalog, but reference copies of the 2014 edition are still available.

GSA Global Supply's new business model
GSA Global Supply is shifting to a new business model that features greater reliance on commercial partners to fulfill customer requisitions. The change will result in faster delivery and lower operating costs, two clear benefits for customers worldwide. By leveraging the facilities and expertise of the private sector, GSA Global Supply is able to move approximately 4,000 National Stock Numbers (NSNs) to industry partners, and to use their resources to fulfill customer requisitions. 

At the same time, GSA is incrementally upgrading its information technology systems to provide greater functionality and visibility. As part of its comprehensive Supply Transformation, GSA is partnering with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) on a number of projects intended to help both agencies provide efficient, effective service to customers. One element of this collaboration calls for the reassignment of select NSNs from GSA to DLA. Since many of these items are used primarily by DoD customers, the transition should result in simpler acquisition, management and distribution. 

The table below includes a notice regarding the planned closure of GSA's Western and Eastern Distribution Centers, as well as a Memorandum of Agreement between GSA and DLA outlining the transfer of products in Federal Supply Group 80 (paints, sealants and adhesives). If you have questions about GSA's supply program changes, you can send them to To learn more about changes to the Wildland Fire Program, and see a similar table of reference documents on that topic, visit GSA's Wildland Fire program site. 

File Date Format Size
FAQs Document - updated as needed. 10/3/14 PDF 114KB
Vendor Update on DLA Management of FSG 80 - Learn how DLA purchases FSG 80 and other items 6/19/2014 PDF 8KB
AAC Contacts - civilian agency POCs to confirm an AAC (rev. 8/20/14) 6/9/2014 PDF 438KB
DODAAC Contacts - military POCs to confirm a DODAAC 6/9/2014 PDF 73KB
GSA Announcement - FSG 80 items and more 5/21/14 PDF 2.7MB
May 1 NSNs Transferring GSA to DLA - Includes Wildland Fire and other items, including FSG 80 5/1/14 PDF 155KB
June 1 NSNs Transferring GSA to DLA - almost entirely FSG 80 items 5/5/14 PDF 1MB
DoD EMALL registration instructions 5//2/14 PDF 2.2MB
MOA re FSG 80 Products 4/1/14 PDF 111KB
Distribution Center Announcement 2/18/14 PDF 109KB


2014 Supply Catalog!
GSA Global Supply published its 2014 Supply Catalog in July 2013. For the first time, an electronic "flipbook" version of the catalog, with the same content (items, photos and descriptions) is available online. Limited quantities of the printed edition are available too. Users can order a printed copy or view a text-only edition that satisfies Section 508 requirements at our publications site.

Quick order options are:

GSA Global Supply provides easy and flexible requisition-based ordering for office supplies*, tools, computer products, safety gear and cleaning products. GSA Global Supply provides:

  • Global delivery
  • Product breadth & depth
  • AbilityOne guaranteed products
  • Easy compliance with the FAR
  • Government Purchase Card payment or AAC/DoDAAC
  • Government to government transactions
  • Requisition-based ordering with no need for comparison shopping

To view all of the product offerings and current prices, visit the ordering site. Call GSA's knowledgeable customer service representatives for more information at (800) 525-8027.

GSA Global Supply. Your Mission. Your Way.

* Under the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) program, GSA has negotiated Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) to provide extra savings on office supplies. FSSI gives users an easy way to purchase office supplies, while assuring that agencies leverage the government’s buying power on the most commonly purchased items. 

FSSI customers get complete transaction level data, tiered volume discounts, compliance with the Trade Agreements Act, AbilityOne requirements, and capability to meet socioeconomic and sustainability goals. Many agencies have polices for mandatory or preferred use of the FSSI Office Supplies BPAs. 


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