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IT Schedule 70 Training and Events

IT Schedule 70 provides customer and vendor training sessions throughout the year on topics and processes that are of importance to our customers and industry members. Training sessions can also be customized to meet your specific agency needs. For more information on the listed training sessions or if your agency has specific training needs, please contact to discuss your requirements. 

Remaining courses and registration links for 3rd and 4th quarter are forthcoming. 

Disclaimer: All posted training and events are subject to change. Some registration links below redirect to a nongovernment website.


Course Description Date/Time Audience Registration
Keeping Your IT Schedule 70 Contract Compliant Learn how to maintain contract compliance Thurs, June 18, 2015

1:00 to 2:30 p.m. EDT
Vendors Register Here
General Schedules Acquisitions Training Our Acquisitions training offers continuous learning points (CLPs) that may count toward your contracting certification and continuing education.

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Ongoing Acquisition Professionals Register Here

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