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TransPort Integrator

TransPort Integrator (TPI), GSA’s Transportation Management Solution for freight shipping, is an integrated execution and planning solution, providing streamlined transportation management services. This solution has replaced the Transportation Management Services Solution (TMSS), and supports the activities that manage and execute the life cycle of the transportation process, from order management through financial settlement with PayPort Express integration.

TransPort Integrator will provide advanced functionality to:

Create and view shipments

Create shipments with a variety of services, modes, and shipment details for improved transportation planning.

Rate and offer shipments

  • Rate shipments for best value Transportation Service Providers (TSPs);
  • Select TSPs that offer greener shipping options through participation in the EPA SmartWay program;
  • Rate shop across Less Than Truckload (LTL), Truckload (TL) and small parcel; and
  • Offer shipments electronically to a TSP.

Increase in-transit visibility

  • Communicate electronically between an agency and the TSP;
  • Monitor and track the status of shipments; and
  • Pick-up, delivery and proof of delivery confirmation.

Improve transportation management

  • Access a robust report center; and
  • Receive automated event notifications and alerts.

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