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Art in Architecture & Fine Arts

Artist Registry
Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing #1259: Loopy Doopy,
U.S. Courthouse, Springfield, Massachusetts
Photograph: Carol M. Highsmith

The Art in Architecture/Fine Arts Division is responsible for the commissioning and care of all artworks in the GSA's Fine Arts Collection.

The Art in Architecture Program commissions American artists to create publicly scaled and permanently installed artworks for federal buildings nationwide. The incorporation of contemporary art within the nation's important civic spaces celebrates the best of American culture and exemplifies how democratic societies benefit immeasurably from the unique, creative talents of individual citizens.  

The Fine Arts Program provides national leadership and expertise in fine art care and policy for GSA's Fine Arts Collection. The program seeks to manage the Fine Arts Collection at the highest ethical and stewardship standards and to contribute to creating high-quality federal buildings for federal employees and the public they serve. By preserving the legacy of federal art and the built environment, the Fine Arts Program fosters an appreciation of the importance of creative freedom and inspires future generations to add their expressions to American democracy.


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