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Wildland Fire Program

GSA to transfer fire program to DLA
As part of a comprehensive Supply Transformation initiative, GSA is collaborating with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to transfer the Wildland Fire program to DLA. The table below includes key documents and program updates to help customers prepare for a smooth transition. As updates become available, they will be added to this table. 

To find relevant contacts at DLA, open the "DLA Ordering Instructions - Non-cache Federal Agencies" in the table below and scroll to the bottom.

The table below includes a reference copy, both text-only or complete with photos, of the 2013 GSA Fire Catalog. Users can disregard pricing and ordering information, but still find descriptions and photos that may be useful.  We will post current DLA pricing information when it is available.


File Posted Format Size
2013 Fire Catalog (text-only) 10/23/14 PDF 4MB
2013 Fire Catalog - complete 10/23/14 PDF 3.5MB
Customer Returns Process - outlines interim process for resolving discrepancies 9/17/14 PDF 55KB
State and Local - Ordering Instructions updated guidance for agencies ordering through GSA for DLA fulfillment 9/10/14 PDF 489KB
Cache Memo 14-1 - Glove - How to identify and return gloves not meeting specifications 8/20/14 PDF 454KB
Customer Advisory - Billing for State and Local Customers 8/13/14 PDF 60KB
Dual Managed Items - Now managed solely by DLA, with 2014 prices 6/4/14 PDF 144KB
DLA Template Form for Emergency Orders - Mandatory for emergency orders (See Instructions below.) 5/16/14 Excel 13KB
DLA Ordering Instructions - Non-cache Federal Agencies - updated 7/23/14 PDF 176KB
SF 344 Fillable requisition form 5/15/14 PDF 333KB
Forest Service Contacts for AACs - POC for State and Local Agencies - updated 9/9/14 PDF 85KB
Ordering Instructions - Effective May 1, 2014 (rev. 8/20/14) 4/24/14 PDF 81KB
DLA Memo (April 28) re Ordering Instructions 4/28/14 PDF 236KB
NSN List-Wildland Fire GSA and DLA - list of NSNs moving to DLA or staying at GSA 4/23/14 PDF 353KB
DoD EMALL registration instructions 3/19/14 PDF 2.2MB
Fire Program Update - Initial outline of transition. See docs. above for current information. 2/28/14 PDF 119KB

Online billing: January 2014 was the last month GSA Global Supply mailed paper copies of the bills to customers. Note: This change does not impact customers using a government purchase card, but only those using an AAC/DoDAAC (or equivalent) to order supplies. To learn more about viewing online bills, see Paperless Billing from GSA [PDF, 39KB].

Product update: USDA's Forest Service has revised the specification for wildland firefighter Nomex pants. See our What's New page for details.

2013 catalog corrections:

Page 11: Synthetic Garden Hose (National Stock Number [NSN] 4210-01-167-1061) is actually white, not yellow as shown.

Page 17: Item J, Gasoline Can (NSN 7240-01-044-5523) photo indicates that a separate, quick-disconnect coupler is included with the gasoline can. Instead, it is included with Item K, Fire Pump Gasoline Line (NSN 4210-00-568-9904).

Page 17: Item K, Fire Pump Gasoline Line (NSN 4210-00-568-9904) has a new description: 

"Neoprene gasoline line with self-priming bulb connects portable gasoline pumps to quick-disconnect gas tank. Hose ends are fitted with female 7/16" SAE threads to attach to the pump and a male quick-connect fitting (included) that connects to the gasoline can. Has a 1/4" ID. Cover is oil- and ozone-resistant. For use with Gasoline Can NSN 7240-01-044-5523. Forest Service Spec 5100-274. (National Fire Equipment System [NFES] #0113)"

For complete information on fire shelters, please visit this National Interagency Fire Center website.

Consult this website for future news and changes affecting the fire program. As changes are made which affect the customer, the information will be made available on this website.


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