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Vehicles and Products

GSA purchases many types of new vehicles and vehicle related products for government agencies and DoD.

Used government vehicles are sold to the public. Visit AutoAuctions or GSA Auctions for more information.


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Use AutoChoice to purchase the following vehicles:

  • Alternative fuel vehicles;
  • Ambulances;
  • Buses;
  • Light trucks;
  • Light trucks - vocational;
  • Medium and heavy trucks;
  • Sedans;
  • Wheelchair vans; and
  • Wreckers and carriers.


Agencies can call vendors directly to order vehicles or accessories available on GSA Schedules. The following vehicles and accessories are a sampling of what's available on GSA Schedules:


In accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 16.505 (a) and (b), each ordering agency must compare the prices of all contractors that  meet the minimum order requirements, when selecting the vehicle(s) that meet their agency's mission. Ordering agencies must also document the contract file with the rationale for placement and price of each order.

The following should be considered when determining the best value for ordering light trucks, medium and heavy trucks, and passenger cars:

  • Price;
  • Greenhouse Gas Score;
  • Optional Equipment;
  • Delivery Time;
  • Fuel Economy;
  • Life Cycle Cost;
  • Past Performance; and
  • Dealer/Maintenance Location.

Each order submitted to GSA for order placement must provide a statement affirming that all contractors were provided a fair opportunity to compete in accordance with FAR 16.505 (b).





GSA offers an Automotive Express Desk to handle requirements that are needed on an "Unusual and Compelling Urgency" basis (in accordance with FAR 6.302-2(c)). In these cases, a justification for other than full and open competition must be provided with an agency's requisition.



Under unique circumstances that meet the criteria set forth under Federal Property Management Regulations, it may be advantageous for an agency to make its own procurement. GSA will grant waivers of procurement authority on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with FPMR 101-26.501(b)(c). Waiver requests should be emailed to


Vehicle Buying
(703) 605-CARS (2277)

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