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Integrated Award Environment (IAE)

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The Integrated Award Environment (IAE), a Presidential E-Government initiative managed by GSA, facilitates every phase of the acquisition lifecycle, from market research to contract administration. The federal government is working to make the acquisition of goods and services secure, streamlined and cost-effective with IAE. The goal of the IAE initiative is to integrate and unify the federal acquisition process for government buyers and sellers.

Through IAE, the acquisition functions common to all agencies are now centrally managed as shared systems. In the coming years these shared systems will be integrated into a single system, the System for Award Management (SAM). SAM integrates the capabilities provided by the shared systems, streamlines processes, eliminates redundant data and saves taxpayer money.

Find information below on which systems have and have not been already migrated to SAM.

Already Migrated

  • Central Contractor Registration/Federal Agency Registration
  • Online Representations and Certifications Applications
  • Excluded Parties List System

Planned Migration

  • FBO (FedBizOpps)
    The single government point-of-entry for posting solicitations over $25,000, allowing commercial business suppliers to search, monitor and retrieve opportunities in federal government markets.
  • WDOL (Wage Determinations On-Line)
    This governmentwide web site makes Service Contract Act (SCA) and Davis-Bacon (DBA) wage determinations easily accessible by the contracting community.
  • PPIRS (Past Performance Information Retrieval System)
    The federal acquisition community can access timely and pertinent contractor past performance information via this web-enabled, governmentwide application.
    • FAPIIS (Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity System) – Module on PPIRS that implements requirements of National Defense Authorization Act Section 872 that provides data on potential awardees to support award decisions.
  • FPDS-NG (Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation)
    This online repository provides data on all federal contract actions over $3,000. Standard and custom reports are easily accessible.
  • eSRS (Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System)
    This system is designed for prime contractors to report accomplishments toward subcontracting goals required by their contract.
    • FSRS (FFATA Sub-award Reporting System) – This system is designed to collect subcontract and sub-grant award information in compliance with the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA).
  • CFDA (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance)
    Provides a full listing of all Federal programs available to state and local governments, organizations, and individuals. Although CFDA is not an IAE system, it is managed by the Program Management Office which oversees IAE systems and is also included in SAM.

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