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Wisconsin Federal Buildings

Exterior of U.S. Courthouse, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

GSA customers occupy space in more than 120 buildings in Wisconsin, including three courthouses, four federal buildings, and dozens of leased locations.

To report a maintenance problem or to find answers to facility-related questions, GSA customers located within Wisconsin should call the Wisconsin field office using the contact information in the top right corner of this page. For other federal government information, call 1-800-FED-INFO.

Federally-managed buildings in Wisconsin include:

City Building Name and Street Address Service Desk Phone

Eau Claire

Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse
500 S. Barstow Commons

(414) 297-3035


Robert W. Kastenmeier U.S. Courthouse
120 N. Henry Street

(414) 297-3035


Henry S. Reuss Federal Plaza (leased facility)
310 West Wisconsin Avenue

(414) 297-3035


Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse
517 E. Wisconsin Avenue

(414) 297-3035


Social Security Administration District Office
4020 Durand Avenue 

(414) 297-3035


Rhinelander Federal Building
68 S. Stevens Street

(414) 297-3035


Social Security Administration Building
606 N. Ninth Street

(414) 297-3035

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Minnesota/Wisconsin Service Center (Wisconsin Office)
(414) 297-3035

Great Lakes Property Management Service Center
(312) 385-3078